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Mari LaRoche

Silhouette of a cat looking back over its shoulder.

Mari LaRoche is an emerging fantasy and paranormal author who has been making up stories since she could talk.

Her early stories have been featured in anthologies such as Seven Deadly Sins: Avarice, Seven Deadly Sins: Lust, and Secrets in Our Cities. Two of those stories have since been republished in Taradiddles: An Anthology of Short Fiction, a textbook currently in use at a local community college.

She is a member of the Women's Fiction Writers Association and the Association of Writers and Writing Programs. During the COVID pandemic, Mari returned to school and completed her AA through online study. She then went on to earn her BA in Creative Writing online through SNHU, and is expected to graduate with her MA in Creative Writing in May 2023. She also presents workshops to local community college students on the challenges and rewards of creative writing.

When not found with a book, camera, or laptop in her hands, Mari loves to cuddle her three cats (The Catxels), travel through Canada, and collect tattoos (mostly of the feline variety).

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