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The Call of the Sea

Written by Mari LaRoche and Daphne Moore

ISBN-10: 1951512103

ISBN-13: 978-1951512101

Honoria Talbott is just a quiet Irish girl who loves to swim and tinker with her clockwork inventions. Until she meets Cathal mac Ler, a selkie lord charged with marrying a human female as part of a treaty negotiation between Fae and Humans.
When her father and brother go missing at sea, Nora finds herself at the whims of her stepmother, who would see her married to a high-ranking cousin in order to keep her father’s wealth in the family.
Torn between her duty to honor her father’s last request for a good marriage and her father’s example of marrying for love, Nora must decide what she values more. But there is power in a simple shawl and true love may finally be in reach – but will it be discovered in time?



Written by Mari LaRoche and Daphne Moore


A champion.
A pharmacist.
An enemy who will stop at nothing to triumph in the Reckoning.
Captured by twisted creations of an amoral scientist, ancient warrior Storm and cautious Persephone still can't trust each other. Storm lost his fated mate for centuries ago. He did not imagine he would find another, much less that they would find themselves imprisoned. Persephone's heart and mind have already been scarred by a lilim, one of the supernatural kins. Even as she hopes for a connection, she cannot trust Storm completely.
Yet in order to survive, and regain their freedom, they have to work together, even as both fear the passion growing between them can only be temporary. Can their fragile bond guide them to freedom, or will their wounds doom them both?

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