Four Kingdoms divided by war.


A tenuous peace held in check by the Black Griffons, a legendary group of mercenaries supported by the Komecian King.


Then Thyge Cloudstalker, the leader of the Black Griffons, is killed and all hope of continued victory and peace dies with him.


Maera, his young daughter, is taken as a spoil of war – along with her father’s magical sword – and adopted by the Icrelo that murdered her father. Favored by Adione – the Icrelo goddess of life – the small child thrives in the frozen tundra she must now call home.


When a game of chance sees her traded to a mysterious stranger, her life changes forever. Thrown into a world of magic, intrigue, and vengeful gods, Maera must learn to survive quickly.


Will she become a pawn in a very dangerous game of power, or will she learn to harness the magic and change the course of history?



Riean Keetes, known to her crew as The Trident, is the best ship captain in the known world since her father, Terrel Keetes was lost at sea during a freak incident where three storms collided. Undertaking the same trade route her father did, Riean’s ship encounters a massive squall and is blown off course.


The crew find themselves stranded on a deserted island. When crew members start disappearing, Riean tries to hold the remaining sailors together the best she can.


Nereus, the lord of the sea, has taken an interest in the young human girl who can read his domain like the pages of a book. Seeing her ship crashed along the rocky shore of a small island, he decides to do something he hasn’t done in a long time: interfere in the lives of mortals.


Wary of the newcomer that walked out of the waves and offered them help, Riean and her crew keep a close eye on the man who introduces himself as “Nero.” When back underway, Nero makes an offer that seems too good to be true.


Will Riean accept his offer and become a queen of the ocean, or will she return to the land, never to sail again?

**All Titles and Blurbs are working information and may change during the creative process!**

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