• Mari LaRoche

Book Review - The Diamond Device by M.H. Thaung

Set in the steampunk city of Ironfort, The Diamond Device by M.H. Thaung presents the story of Alf Wilson, an unemployed factory worker whose clockwork leg keeps him from enlisting in the military.

Sharing the spotlight is Lord Richard Hayes, an impoverished noble who turns to a life of petty crime to pay the bills. Rich ends up in a detention cell after he’s caught and arrested for breaking into a home where he witnessed a pair of hired thugs kidnapping the female scientist leading the way on research for diamond-powered technology.

Alf teams up with “Rich” and agrees to help him break out of jail after being promised compensation for his help in tracking down the novel’s most nefarious culprits, the shadowy figures who hired the kidnappers. An international chase ensues, as they rescue Professor Bergrim-Hoyt and recover her schematics for diamond-fueled weapons.

Cutting across class, and gender lines, this madcap adventure has a reminiscent feel of a steampunk Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick, Watson. Though the dialog feels stilted in places, Thaung’s strong talent for worldbuilding and her lively cast of characters definitely make reading this novel worthwhile.


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