Here you'll find links to the short stories I have available for download. Be sure to check back often.

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Waves of Destiny.jpg

Waves of Destiny

An alternate history regency short story.

Selkie maiden, Maeve, only wants to dance. But when she finally goes ashore, she finds more than she bargained for in the dark, mysterious Donn. Will she be forced to leave her true love, or will they find a way to remain together?
My Xoma Ebook smaller.jpg

My Xoma

A post-apocolyptic sci-fi story of survival.

Myxoma – Myxy for short, finds herself alone in a failing lab facility on her homeworld of Dria Tha as the humans around her evacuate or succumb to illness. As she waits for death, she thinks back on the events that have brought her to this point

Zombie: The Doyle O'Malley Story

A humorous paranormal fantasy story.

Doyle O'Malley hasn't always been a zombie. And the tale of how he came to be one is a curvy, wild ride involving his father's old sheep barn-turned-pub, a ghost, and a group of kids with a mysterious disease.