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Seven Deadly Sins: Avarice
(Writing as Mari L. Yates)

ISBN-13: 978-1986315845

ISBN-10: 1986315843

What defines a sin? Author Teresa Bassett described it well: “Where does weakness end and evil begin?” Is committing a sin a deliberate act of intent, or simply an oversight of a corruptible character? Perhaps a combination of the two?

Welcome to the world of Avarice, where possession is glory, desire rules the mind, and both people and creatures throw aside all for what they covet.

Twenty-one authors. Twenty-one stories. One theme: Avarice.

Seven Deadly Sins: Lust
(Writing as Mari L. Yates)

ISBN: 978-1792936937

ISBN: 1792936931

Whereas the other six deadly sins offer a gratification that one must fight to deny, Lust originates with agony, doubt, and fear of rejection. But Lust can take many forms; it’s hard to tell whether the craving will be for love, control, or money. One thing is certain: Lust can both frustrate and delight.

Twenty-one authors. Twenty-one stories. One theme: Lust.


This is the final volume of our Seven Deadly Sins series.

Secrets In Our Cities
(Writing as Mari L. Yates)

ISBN-13: 978-1943171163

ISBN-10: 1943171165

Step across the paranormal divide with these ten short stories, and you’ll never look at your hometown the same way again.

Partial Review by Saundra Wright (Goodreads):

This is a great anthology of spooky stories perfect for Halloween or anytime. Ten awesome writers have teamed up to produce this great selection of totally different tales with paranormal themes. Below are individual reviews of just a few.

The Ghostly Loch by M. L. Yates
Love supernatural beasties of all varieties? This just may hit the spot with you!
Doyle O’Malley is the zombie owner of The Ghostly Loch, a pub in Albfest, Belfast’s supernatural realm. The place has never been thriving, but it’s just about perfect to Doyle. Too much business would draw the attention of unwanted offers of “protection.” That’s something Doyle and his patrons want none of.
In fact things have been the same for a long time. Then Doyle finds out a breather has been in the pub. That’s right, an unaccompanied human. What is worse, it’s a child! Find out what kind of havoc one child can wreak in Albfest.

Beyond the Veil




Enter fascinating worlds and discover hidden wonders!

Pigwitch Now by Mari LaRoche.

Drackonai – witches and wizards with the blood of dragons in their veins. When Keely Hargest’s family is attacked by a rogue Drackonai, she unexpectedly finds herself trapped in a piglet’s body. Will Keely find a way out of her predicament and stop Ruari Darksinger’s rampage, or will she be stuck as a pig forever?


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