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Three of my short stories have been released as standalone stories. Be sure to check them out!

A king greedy for gold; a dragon greedy for revenge. Between them stands a once-beautiful princess longing for acceptance. Will they each get what they wish for, or what they deserve?

A lust for power is a dangerous thing. When her plan to marry the king fails, will Nostrea trade her magic for a pair of wings, or lose her own life while trying?

Keely Hargest is just a simple farmgirl.

She's also a Drackonai - a witch with the blood of dragons in her veins.

When her family is attacked by Ruari Darksinger, a Drackonai with a plan to rid the world of all those who can't do magic - along with anyone who tries to protect them, a magical accident leaves Keely in the unlikeliest of places - a piglet.

Will Keely be able to get out of her predicament and stop Ruari's plans, or will she be stuck as a pig forever?

Also, be sure to check out the new forum on my website!

I'm working on several other projects, and hope to have more news to release to you soon!

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